What is PersoniFind?

PersoniFind is a search engine that helps you locate and analyze the most important topic influencers on social media.

Searching for influencers

The search results will display individuals or groups and are determined by relevance to the terms used, crowd sourced categorization and conversation analysis.

What is an influencer?

PersoniFind identifies social media authors that have a large impact on the topic conversation you are interested in. Unlike some influence platforms, our scoring is based on topic-specific influence, not just follower count or number of posts.

Exporting your lists

PersoniFind lets you export your lists to use in other engagement, marketing and advertising platforms. Just click the "Export to CSV" link on the search page. Social Pro and Enterprise level users will also get handles on other social platforms as well.

Snapshot report

Quickly find out what influencers are talking about, what they are sharing and what are the most popular sites they visit.

Saving your lists

With our monthly plans, you can easily save any list of influencers. Just click the "Save This List" button on the search result page, and PersoniFind saves those influencers in your account.

Your account

When you sign up for a monthly plan, you have access to all of your save reports and influencer lists in a central account. You can always access reports that you have run as well as edit existing lists of influencers.

Account Types

We have three pricing plans to fit your needs.



250 influencers

5 Monthly reports

Free 15 day trial!


a month


Social Pro

1000 influencers

20 Monthly reports



a month



5000 influencers

100 Monthly reports



a month